Golden Globes Re-cap!

Ahh, the Golden Globes...where champagne and awards collide.  The actual show was great, I could have used even more Tina and Amy--they were fabulous! As far as the fashion, I'm afraid there were more misses than hits for me. The weird ruffle/saggy fabric covering the boobs was sadly running rampant and can we go ahead and band red for the rest of award much. red. Anyway...on to what I did like...

images via People and InStyle

From L to R, clockwise: Julianne Hough: Seacrest, put a ring on it already!; Kerry Washington: I wanted to not like this dress but I couldn't help myself; Jennifer Garner: You are adorable and Ben is your best accessory; Amy Adams: perfection; Julia Louis-Dreyfus: I love the shape of this and the lace and tulle overlay; Julianne Moore: so chic, so age appropriate; Goldie Hawn, I mean Kate Hudson: Love the embellishment and her body is ridiciulous!



Katie said...

I'm in 100% agreement of Jennifer Garner! I love even more that she's probably right back out there doing carpool in jeans and a ponytail today. Love. Her.