Whitney English: Day Designer

You may have seen a post over on ABD about how Ashley uses her Whitney English Day Designer and Whitney was kind enough to send me one to try out too!  Like Ashley, I'm a bit of a planner snob, but I must admit, the day designer is rather fabulous.

The month a glance gives you a great overview and each day is it's own page with lots of great ways to organize the many facets of your day.  I think I'm going to get some snazzy paper clips so I can flip between a month at glance and the current day so I can stay on top of my day and know what's on the horizon.

There are also TONS of great planning sheets and extras to help you set goals, reflect on your values, and accomplish whatever you're setting your mind to this year!

There's nothing I love more than starting the year with a fresh, new planner and I think the day designer is going to be my new BFF in 2013.



Julia Regeski said...

Seriously... where do I buy this?

Katherine said...

I absolutely love this planner. I think I will have to buy one for 2015!