Recipes from Supper Club: Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Spinach Lasagna

I don't know if I've shared this before, but LAS has quite a few food allergies, so most of the food I prepare is both gluten free and lactose free.  We are also in a supper club with Ky and Bobbus, and Ky has food allergies as needless to say cooking for supper club is quite the feat! (I like to joke that no one else would like to be in a supper club with the four us because its a lot of trouble for people who aren't used to all of our ailments.)

I have loved this recipe for spinach mushroom lasagna and I managed to make it gluten free and dairy friendly! I substituted gluten free noodles, Tinkyada is my favorite brand...tastes just like regular pasta!  I made my own tomato sauce (Here's a great recipe from Nina's mom Kiks---> tomato sauce) to accomodate additional allergies, but you could easily use your favorite pre-made kind...I like Bertolli tomato basil, even though the recipe calls for Vodka sauce.  For the cheese I used a sheep's milk feta, which for some reason, is OK, for our particular dairy allergies (I'm not a doctor, so investigate your own allergies before trying this).  I also use Cabot cheese, which is naturally lactose free. Layer in some portobellos, spinach, and (optional) ground beef and you're all set! 

This lasagna is delish....I hate to admit it but the 4 of us polished off the entire pan!!



CBK said...

You're making me so hungry...not acceptable at 9:24 AM

MHM1314 said...

I love a good lasagna... never thought of using feta!!!