Great Grandma Lucille's Lemon Pound Cake

There are few desserts I love more in this world than my great grandmother's lemon pound cake.  It's been a family staple for many, many years and now I'm sharing it with you! So grab your apron and get to baking.

image c/o Real Simple

Great Grandma Lucille's Lemon Pound Cake

1 Duncan Hines Lemon Supreme Cake Mix
1 C Apricot Nectar
3/4 C Vegetable Oil
1/2 C Sugar
4 Eggs

1 C of powdered sugar
Juice of 1 lemon

Mix cake mix, nectar, oil, and sugar together.  Add eggs one at a time.  Bake in a bundt pan for 1 hour at 325.  Prepare the glaze.  Allow cake to cool a bit, but poor glaze over cake while it's still warm.



erica said...

What a great recipe. I am definitely giving this a try! xo