DIY: Family Sign

I've given family signs as shower gifts and engagement gifts but never purchased one for myself, so I decided to whip one up DIY style.  It was very inexpensive and easy--just grab a canvas, favorite paint colors and a paint pen and you're all set!

iphone I do not have neon stripes in my house.



Rachel said...


A Round of Goff said...

Love this idea.. I will for sure be trying this soon! Thanks!! :)

Shannon said...

So cute, so easy, so original! Love it!

Heavenly Handmade Crafts said...

So adorably cute!
You can do so much with canvas, I have even made picture frames. Paint the canvas any color, or what I love to do is wrap material around the ftont and staple to the back, for a different design.
Take one of your favorite pictures, glue and place it in the center ( or anywhere on the canvas) then make a frame around your pic with whatever you want, ribbon, beads, jewels,ect. then decorate the rest to your hearts desire! For you scrapbookers out there, this is a great way to make your scrapbook become 3D! Or create a great wall hanging!
Take care!
<3 Angela

Tricia said...

Very cute!!

The Peterson's said...

Bets! I'm making one of these this is too darn cute!!! :)

I just wish I had your handwriting!!

Love you!