Swoon-Worthy Friday: Big News!

Wow! I'm blogging--can you believe it? This week has been insane and I hate that this is only time I've had to blog.

A week ago today we found out LAS got the job over on the coast, which is super exciting (don't worry, we aren't moving far)!  And naturally, I began looking at real estate as soon as we got word (truthfully, I had been looking before that but shh!).  We looked at a historic home on the riverside but didn't care for the street or area it was in.  So Tuesday we looked a house beachside and loved it! Renter applications submitted and they should be drawing up our lease today!  I feel so blessed that everything has fallen in to place so quickly--makes me even more certain that this is the right thing for us!  Get ready for photos and decorating and design posts--I'm already itching to nest!!

I had my other shower last weekend and it was wonderful--thought you might like a few photos:

Future SIL J and me

CBK, me and Ky

Aunt V, Mom and Me

ABQ and me

me and my future MIL
 Thanks to LAS' mom (above) who worked so hard to throw such a lovely shower! The best part was a video LAS' aunt shot where she asked him questions like what was his favorite color, band, meal, etc. and they would pause the video and I'd have to answer and if I was incorrect I had to put a piece of bubblegum in my mouth--I acquired multiple pieces of gum but did very well overall!

Bless your heart if you've made it to the end of this post--next week I'll be back on track with posting! Have a great weekend!


Preppy Girl Meets World said...

Congrats! That is a huge step and a big relief!

the clark family. said...

I am SO excited for you and LAS!! I know you were excited about this opportunity and I am SO FREAKING ENVIOUS that you're going to be living AT the beach! I told Zach I might move in with you ;)

And your shower was lovely-- you looked fabulous!!

Love, sweet friend!! xx

S said...

Very sweet pictures! :)