An OOTD Post

This weekend was so wonderful-- I have lots of pictures and stories to share with you on Wedding Wednesday! For now, if you'll beg my pardon, I'll just leave you with today's outfit, as ABQ and I are up to our eyeballs in paper and envelopes!

sparkle tee and riding pants from The Loft; Jessica Simpson flats


the clark family. said...

You look adorable!! Hope you and AB have a very successful day--free of papercuts :)

I am going to email you soon-- I didn't want to do it while you were out of town! AND my computer's finally working again so I won't have to do it on my phone- HA!

Shannon said...

just bought that shirt (in navy) from LOFT! so excited to wear it! looks adorable.

hope you had a great day with AB Designs.

Anonymous said...

you look super cute and festive! glad to hear you had a wonderful weekend!! xo

AMS said...

Bets, this is so cute! You should do these posts all the time! :)