Monogrammed Monday: Number Four Eleven

Over the summer when I visited one of my oldest and dearest friends, LAW, in Savannah I had the opportunity to visit the MOST wonderful monogrammed store, Number Four Eleven.  They had gorgeous things and absolutely stunning embroidery. 

The store has an adorable storefront and two floors with gifts upstairs and bedding and more linens downstairs.  I had the pleasure of meeting one of the owners, Courtland, while I was visiting and she was so nice and helpful.  Since I have some experience working in a monogrammed gift store, we talked shop and it was fun talking with someone in the business and getting someone else's perspective!

Here's some eye candy from this lovely store:

They have SO many beautiful would take me days to choose just one!

You can read No. Four Eleven's blog for updates on their latest work!

Happy Monday!



Nicole-Lynn said...

Gorgeous! Love anything monogrammed!