Planning Ahead

One of the things I enjoy least is packing lunch everyday ( I had better get used to since I will soon have a husband who needs lunch and one day have children who most definitely will need lunch).  So this past Sunday I thought I'd help myself out and plan for the week's lunches ahead of time.

So I whipped up my favorite pasta salad which is so simple and easy:
-Pick your favorite pasta ( I used a combo of bowtie and some cheese tortelini)
-Pick your fav veggies (I used yellow bell pepper, tomatoes, & carrots)
-Use your favorite salad dressing or whip up something fun (I used greek dressing thinned with some skim milk and added fat free mayo and garlic)

Then throughout the week you can incorporate the salad into your lunch.  Add chicken one day, make a sandwich or pita and have some salad on the side, add some pepperoni or turkey bacon one day...the list goes on.  And if you aren't a pasta salad fan, you can make chicken breasts and make sandwiches and salads with that instead, or make an egg salad.  Whatever you choose, it definitely helps to plan ahead, the mornings are a little less hectic!