Meet & Greet

On Tuesday, ABQ and I were fortunate enough to meet one of our favorite blog friends and clients, Stefanie from Paw Prints and Pastry Bags! She and her sweet husband were so delightful! Thanks for meeting with us Stef, it was such a blast :)

Lucky me, Stef was also my partner in the scarf swap hosted by Meredith from Sweet T Family.  She brought me a GORGEOUS scarf that I cannot wait to wear once it cools down a bit (Although as cold as it can be in restaurants and offices, I could probably wear it all year round!)! Thanks Stefanie, I love it!



Summer Athena said...

it's so fun meeting bloggers, isn't it???

y'all look so cute!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Very neat... trying to meet with some bloggers in my area too!

The scarf is the color!