Monogrammed Monday & Updates

Good Morning!!

Yesterday I finally purchased our headboard fabric--did you vote on this post?  Well LAS and I selected the one that so many of you loved too:

Next up will be adding a navy monogram and gathering all the supplies to build the headboard!

This is the part where I put out an all call for monogrammed treasures!  Since we all know how I feel about the uber-personal touches monograms provide, I'd like to make every Monday Monogrammed Monday. But I need your help.  If you have a monogrammed store or like me are an avid "collector" of sorts of all things monogrammed, please send me a photo of your favorite monogram or monogrammed item and we'll feature it on Mondays! Send your photos to

Cheers to a great Monday!



Unknown said...

oh I love the fabric! Where did you get it? I also think Monogrammed Monday's is a great idea-I will send over some pictures soon!

Hannah said...

I LOVE that fabric!!

Gracie Beth said...

I am currently in the hunt for headboard fabric! I cannot seem to find a headboard I enjoy so I think I will just make one.

Tricia Loves Makeup said...

I'm a new follower to your blog.
The fabric is absolutely stunning! I can't wait to see the finished product.

Betsy | Heavens to Betsy said...

Sarah Beth: the fabric is waverly and I got it from JoAnn's

Thanks Hannah & Gracie Beth!

Tricia! So glad you are following!