Emmy Favorites

Good Morning!

How great were the Emmys?  I've been a sucker for a good award show since I was a child, LAS is unsure as to what exactly is entertaining about such shows but I assure him he is missing out.

Like Erin, at Elements of Style Blog, I felt as though there were lots of near misses last night...I liked your hair but not your dress, your earrings but not your hair.  So while there were lots of great looks here are some of my favorites head to toe:

Lea Michelle: Birthday girl and looking lovely in Oscar de la Renta.  She was divine and so sweet to everyone interviewing her on the red carpet.

Amy Poehler: This woman had a baby 3 weeks ago! She looks fantastic!  I've never had a baby and not sure I could pull it together like that!

Claire Danes: If I was giving a best dressed award, Claire would win.  I think she gets better looking as she gets older.

Jane Krakowski: Navy was a big trend last night! (WOO HOO bridesmaids...you're right on target!) I love the metallic hints to the dress and the shape and structure of her gown--she's adorable to boot! Love her!

Lastly, my friend Jade is a brilliant writer and has entered an essay in a content.  Click here to read it and vote for her!



S said...

I loved all of these. I picked all of yours minus Jane K. I forgot about hers. But Claire Dane blew me away :)

Same Sweet Girl: Memoir of a Southern Belle said...

I LOVE Lea Michele's dress!! She is so beautiful! :)

Leslie said...

I can't believe I missed it! Thanks for the recap!

Ally said...

I agree, Claire Danes would definitely win in my book too!! I blogged about my favorite outfits also, check it out: http://medicalprepster.blogspot.com/2010/08/emmy-fashion.html