Yoga by Bethenny

If you follow me on twitter, you know I recently acquire this little DVD by our good friend Bethenny:

I really enjoy doing yoga as a workout and this DVD is super fantastic!  The yoga section is 40 minutes, and as Bethenny says in the video, it is a very compact and efficient workout.  Afterwards I feel like I really worked out and I feel very refreshed.  There are two bonus sections, strength training for 10 minutes and booty bonus for 5 min, which admittedly I haven't tried yet but I like the option of switching up the workout, or maybe doing those two as quick bit of exercise when you're pressed for time.

If you like exercise videos, because like me, running seems like something torturous that you would never think to inflict upon yourself, I highly recommend picking up Body by Bethenny!  Namaste.



Anonymous said...

I love yoga. Prefer going to classes but sometimes I'm not in the mood to leave the house and the videos can be GREAT. If you want something light and quick check out the Yogamazing podcast on itunes, its free which is always great.