Monday Musings

Good Morning!

I hope you had a good weekend!  LAS and I had a great weekend registering for beautiful things for our new home!  I have to admit it was a bit more overwhelming than I thought it would be but it was SUPER fun!! We went to two stores and plan on registering at a third store later on.  My favorite item: a bright green kitchen aid mixer!  LAS' favorite: our stove-top popcorn popper like the one my parents have had for ages!  What was your favorite thing you registered for?? What are most glad you registered for now that you're married??

This week we will be booking the caterer--yay!  That's our last major vendor decided.  The music is the last thing: we are deciding between a DJ and going the iPod route.  What did you do for music?

Alright y'all I have to get out the door and off to work--happy Monday!!



Anonymous said...

Registering for gifts sounds like too much fun- I think I'll get married right now just to register! Just kidding- but I do love those bright Kitchen Aid mixers! Good choice.

Sherrie said...

It's so funny you post this. I just celebrated my 13th anniversary Mon and was wishing I could register all over again. I was thinking of what I would do differently.

I absolutely hands down love my All-Clad pots and pans and Wusthof knives more than anything!

I Kitchen-Aid stand mixer is a must if you like to bake.

I would love to get the Wilton Armetale Flutes and Pearls serving pieces. I will be buying the salad bowl and chip and dip when they go on sale.

I would also register for some Le Creuset. I love their stuff.

How fun. Do a post on everything you registered for and I can live vicariously through you. ;)