Crazy Thursday

Today I was going to blog about tea.  My new favorite chai tea.  

But now I'm all out of sorts because LAS's brother is in the hospital in Knoxville with 104 temperature and his mom is going up there.  And I can't just call LAS to learn more because he left his cell phone at Ashley Brooke's last night during our cinco fiesta. So today I need to go get dogfood and bones and drive to get the phone and get it to LAS and then go to work.  

Tomorrow I will bring you delightfully swoon-worthy things, I promise!



Confessions of a Northern Belle said...

Love chai tea! Hope brother is okay!

EJR said...

I hope his brother feels better soon!

Katie Rudder said...

Hi! I featured a recipe I found on your blog awhile ago on my blog today--ranch pretzels. I found it on foodgawker actually!! xoxo