Wedding Recap


I think I have finally recovered from A&D's wedding weekend!  It was a great weekend and I couldn't be happier for the newlyweds.  I served as the wedding coordinator for the weekend and I have a whole new respect for wedding coordinators everywhere!  When you are an amateur and friends of the couple, they go easy on you but there is so much I hadn't thought of before that goes into a ceremony.  Everything went really well and the happy couple is now sunning themselves in Jamaica.  Here are a couple of pictures to enjoy, ignore my haggard look next to the stunning bride and bridesmaid ;)



Ink Obsession Designs said... sweet!

Kelley said...

These pics are lovely! Where did the couple get married?

Summer Athena said...

such fun! i love weddings. your dress is so pretty!

Julie Leah said...

Hey lady! I tagged you today! Come check it out! xoxo