Monogrammed Gifts

Hello Friends.

I've missed you terribly! I just got through my reader and I'm committed to being a more disciplined blogger next week. Things have been super busy this week--which I know you can all relate to. I've been working at Primrose where we have literally gotten in about 50 boxes in the last week! And I've been working a new project with Ashley at Ashley Brooke Designs. I'm going to hold off telling you all the details just yet, but I'll come back to this, I promise! And today is Miss Ashley's bachelorette party! Woo hoo! Expect a full recap tomorrow or Monday--can't get into the plans just yet because everything we have planned is a surprise!! Ky at Have your Cake and Eat it too, myself and two other friends have been busy planning....

But on to the post....

Like any good auntie, I am continual to bring Nate and Raleigh only the cutest and most personal of gifts. This week I brought them each something they can wear when they go watch Daddy coach football!
Can't wait to see them in these!

Also, courtesy of KP at Summer in Newport I was able to check out and found a bag I HAVE to ask Santa for...(Lindsey at Sweet Simplicity I think you'll like this too!)

One of these bags:But with this design:
SOO cute, no?

I'm off to watch college gameday and make pumpkin bread before getting ready for tonight's festivities!!


The Mothership Abroad said...

I really like the bag with the anchor super cute!

Unknown said...

Yay I became a follower! Your blog is too cute! I love those bags...I think they are a must. I love those little dogs on that bag.

Blackeyed Susan said...

Loving that bag!!

QueenBeeSwain said...

that polo-collared onesie w/ a monogram must be the most adorable thing I've ever seen!


marie said...

I want that bag. Have fun in your bachelorette party