A Whirlwind Weekend

Hello friends!

I had quite the eventful weekend. L and I went to visit my sister so I could accompany her to a Kenny Chesney concert and take in the game on Saturday and generally get in some sisterly bonding. But the weekend had some surprises in store for us.

First of all we go see Kenny and Miranda Lambert is the opening act. Everything's going well, except we are clearly in the drama for your mama section. A girl and her friend plus their boyfriends enter. One of the girls is so drunk she can't even stand and immediately sister is concerned this girl is going to either puke on us (her biggest fear) or accost her in some way. Well fortunately this girl passes out for a little while. However there is a girl who was apparently equally as drunk but not on our radar who two rows back, promptly throws up during the opening act and it proceeds to splatter on our backs. I immediately looks at sister who I'm convinced is about to freak and calmly suggest we exit to the bathroom and clean up. We do so (luckily the splatter was not excessive) and the Kenny show is so amazing by the end of the night we are laughing at this little anecdote.

Meanwhile overnight, L's niece was born!! We were so excited but bummed we couldn't be there to welcome her :) (More on this tomorrow...)

Saturday was game day and dang if it didn't rain all night longgggg. Like any hard core fan, we sat through four quarters of rain until our team finally squeaked out a victory. Sunday was family day first, breakfast with L's aunt and uncle and then lunch at my grandparents...we finally made it home later that night and L was off to the hospital.

It was a really fun weekend despite the vomit and the rain. My sister is awesome and we had a blasty blast spending some QT together. And tomorrow I get to work with my bff and see my new pseudo-niece...Tuesday is going to be a good day!



Happiness Is... said...

It rained all weekend here, too. It was one weekend where I was actually glad we didn't have tickets to the Saints game...much better watching from the comfort of home!

Blackeyed Susan said...

omg sick! people do not know how to handle themselves!

In other news, I wish I had a sister!

QueenBeeSwain said...

laughing loudly at "it was really fun despite the vomit and rain"

oh you :)


Headbands and Hand Bags said...

Sounds like an adventure to be enjoyed, not sure that is the right word, with a sister!