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When I posted my stack of books a couple of you asked for recommendations and/or what I'm currently reading. So here's some help in your search for that great page turner.

What I'm currently reading (Don't judge--I love a good mystery):

I'm listening to this as an audiobook (the bf is listening too and he is so much further ahead!):

Already reviewed
this one--highly recommended:
One of my all time favorites! Set in glamorous 1950's London, need I say more?:

You saw my stack of books so I'll be sure and review those as soon as I'm done! Happy hunting.



mmmelissa said...

I can't believe Luke is listening to Twilight on audio book! I tried to get Jeremy to read it exchange I would have had to watch some terrible anime show.

Kappa Prep said...

That first book looks so fun, I love mysteries too!

Also, on a sidenote, who did you header? I love it!

Kristen Sara said...

Great suggestions... if you have time to add one to your list, you should try Jodi Picoult's new book, Handle With Care. Soooo good!

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