The one with substance

I know you come hear to read about my various frivolities but here's a post where I attempt where I encourage you to be do good-ers (although you're all fabulous so I know you are probably already do good-ers )

This morning my sister and I trekked to Target and found ourselves in that magical section that comes around only once a year..(cue trumpets) The School Supply Section! Were we shopping for ourselves? no (we wish).

Our church does a backpack drive every fall encouraging people to fill up a backpack and bring it in to be donated to a local childrens ministry that does amazing work with impoverished kids in a decidedly rough section of downtown. Lots of these kids would otherwise show up to school unprepared and lacking the supplies to help them succeed. Facing so many other obstacles, we feel like the least we can do is get them their backpacks, folders and papers (and a few other fun things).

Seeing as how kids and school supplies are two of my all time favs, I am all over it. So we happily cruised up and down the aisles and filled up those backpacks:

It's a great project and something you should check out in your area. See if anyone is doing this and how you can help. Or maybe you work with a local non-profit and this is something you want to start up. Either way, I know this will make a difference for the kids who are starting back to school with very little and if you live in my neck of the woods, even if you don't go to Summit, think about dropping off a backpack!



Anonymous said...

great idea!! I love school supplies, too, so many cute little notepads and pens!

Hopsy said...

This is a wonderful idea! I will have to see if I can find anything similar in Dallas.