Monday Morning

Good Morning Loves!

This morning has been very productive, I cleaned, worked-out, channeled my inner martha and am getting ready to shower and get ready for work this afternoon.

Had a great day yesterday, going to church with Luke (doesn't happen often since we live in separate towns) and lunch with him and bff Ashley @ Pei Wei--YUM! Luke and I washed and waxed my car, hopped in the neighbor's pool, enjoyed dinner and watched the end of Harper's Island on TIVO (don't judge us-lol).

Looking forward to making some extra money babysitting this week and having an old fashioned girly sleepover with the aforementioned bff (yes I'm 22, not 15)!!

I'll leave you with the stack of books sitting next to my desk just waiting to read:



Sweet, Sassy, Southern and Classy said...

wow, i wish i could get in touch with my inner martha sometime soon. i'm sure my bedroom floor would be thrilled, ha! and those sound like great books. be sure to let us know what you think!

sealaura said...

oooh I hope you do some book reviews for us. The anti 9 to 5 book looks right up my alley!

it is everlasting said...

Oh the books look adorable! Because I completely judge a book by the cover I'd love to hear what you are reading! itiseverlasting at gmail dot com

Meg said...

I too have been very productive today...apparently the stars aligned to make this day productive for everyone.

I think I have that Jane Green book, what are the titles of the books on your night stand?

I love babysitting and girlfriends sleeping over...doesn't matter if you are 5, 15 or 25 having a movie night with the girls is awesome!

Milltini said...

Ohhh, I have been dying to read The Beach House by Jane Green--you'll have to let us know how it is!

Miss Independent said...

ok so I am 100% a mascara freako so now I'm GPSing my nearest Ultra.....and can you reccomend some books for my summer reads please because we always read good ones back in the day!