For the Love of Lounge Wear

So I don't know about you but working part time, I spend a good bit of time around the house and most of the time I don't care to dress in a full-on fabulous outfit while I'm returning emails, blogging or reading. Consequently, lounge wear is crucial. It's one of those things I definitely use but sometimes it's hard to justify purchases because you figure no one will see it. I thought I'd pull together a few cute lounge wear pieces that you can wear for an afternoon in and even for a quick trip to the store.

My favorite! Found this, this morning and am DYING to buy one for myself. Confession: own a chemise from Anthro that I regularly wear out and to work!

Cheers to lounging sweets!

**Edited to Add: Just saw Rue La La will be having a LuluLemon (activewear jackpot) sample sale starting Friday. Email me for an invitation if you don't belong to Rue La La***


Blackeyed Susan said...

I love the Anthro chemise. The last time I was in Anthro a salesgirl was wearing one as a dress so you aren't the only one! :)

Belle said...

I love those yoga shorts! I have several pairs like that and love to work out in them!

Meg said...

I think it is so funny that you wear an outfit from Anthropologie to work out! That is like a sin. I do love comfy clothing.

Polka Dots & Protein Bars said...

Loooove the Anthropologie chemise. I would probably live in it, which might be a bad thing!