Back in Business

I'm baaaack! Well to be truthful, I've been back now for a couple days but its taken that long to get through my reader and get settled back in. My trip was so wonderful and I had just the best time with bff S--we shopped, saw old friends, took in an O's game and lazed around enjoying each other's company. Pictures will come sooon, I'll probably do a picture only post later today.

The first day we hung out, got pedicures, bff S took me to dinner for my birthday (which was the day before) and then we went to a local bar where I am not kidding when I say I saw everyone I went to Elementary and Middle School with. I loved it because I hadn't seen most of these people in 8-10 years. Day two was shopping day and we shoped 'til we dropped--post coming on cute purchases. Day three was O's day! We were celebrating bff S's dad's birthday so we went down to Canton in the afternoon, stopped by Cakelove to get cupcakes for the celebration and then it was on to Camden Yards! Seats were great, enjoyed some Boog's BBQ and the O's won! (Sidenote: funny thing happened in the 7th or 8th inning: grouchy patron in front of me turns around says to me "Do you think you can be quiet so we can enjoy one inning?" Really?! It's a baseball game, not an opera). Sunday began with a delicious brunch at Blue Moon Cafe in Fells Point and then a walk around Harbor East. Later in the day we went to a friend's gradution party and had dinner at my fave pizza place in Bel Air. Monday was our last day so we just ran errands around town and drove by my old house before heading to the airport. It was such a great trip and I am so glad I got to visit once again this year. I never take for granted my trips to our old hometown and Baltimore because I know one day our visits may not be in MD but in Anytown, USA. Obviously the important thing is that we get to see each other and it doesn't matter where, but I do love the fun and nostalgia of visiting all of our old haunts.

I am caught up on all of your activities while I was away but excuse the lack of comments as it was quite a lot to get through!

Happy Thursday!



Meg said...

That sounds like a wonderful trip. I love my best friend and I wish I got to see her more often.

That is hysterical about the grouchy person at a baseball game. What a buzz kill. What was his problem? It is a baseball game...can you not watch while other people are talking?

Whatever, some people clearly don't have BFFs to laugh with. :)

Miss Independent said...

yay I'm so happy you had fun!! I loved seeing you!!! Repeat when I get to your town please!!