Organizational Tip from Me to You

Do you hate having all the cords for computer, etc. in a total mess? My desk is small and I tend to take my laptop to other parts of my house often, so my battery cord, my printer cord, etc. were always on the floor, as was my cell phone charger.

Voila! Instant anti-anxiety remedy-haha. The cords are still accessible but no longer an eye-sore!

I'm looking to work on the surface of my desk and the wall space above, maybe I'll have something to share soon!

What does everyone think of the new header and colors on the blog?



Ink Obsession Designs said...

That is a great idea! I so need to do something like that!

AMS said...

I'm loving the header!!! SO cute! How did you make it??

Sandra said...

New Blog is darling!

sealaura said...

love the new header! looks a bit like your new haircut! I need all the organization tips I can get. gracias!

- said...

Great idea! I love the font on your title.

Melanie Van Wynsberg said...

Very Creative! :)

Cute Blog too.

USCEmily said...

Thanks for the tip- cords drive me crazy and I've never thought to do something like that!
I left you an award over at my blog :-)

Posh Peach said...

How fabulous that you live close to Sweet! I am all the way on the other side of town sadly (or maybe it's a good thing so I won't eat too many?) I've had the strawberry before and it is definitely one of my favorites too!