Happy Birthday Baby Sister!

{Baby Sister on the left, Cousin on the right}

Happy 19th Birthday!!

I'll admit that I still picture you the way you appear in this photo and I am regularly alarmed by the fact that you live on your own 4 hours away and often operate a car unsupervised.

You are by far the coolest person I know and although I've always tried to set a good example in the hopes you were looking up to me. The truth is I find I've learned so much from you. I'm so proud of you baby sister. I love you.



CBK said...

This is the convo that unfolds when I show Amanda this picture:

Me: Look at me. My sweet awesome bangs
Amanda: Its cute! You look like a Beatle!


Thanks so much sis! Love you!

Ashley Brooke Designs said...

How adorable is this???????

Miss Independent said...

why was her hair even perfect at birth and why is she growing up so fast.......