Its been too long.


I certainly have been remiss in my posting this week girls and I have lots of your lovely thoughts in my reader to catch up on. But its been a big week around here.

The early part of the week was filled with work and then Thursday and Friday were quite the whirlwind

Thursday, bff S's spring break cruise stopped in nearby Port Canaveral and I went and picked her up and we spent a glorious day together! We beached it, had lunch, came home and hung out and had dinner with the family! It was so great to have her visit even though it was super short and we were both sad on the way back to the boat--May is only two months away and I have a feeling we'll be reuniting then so I am already looking forward to it!

You may be wondering why sister was home seeing as she just finished her spring break. Well yesterday was Mumsie's birthday! And we spent it at Disney World! My mom loves Disney and since it was her birthday she got in free and got a happy birthday button and everyone at Disney is so nice they were all sending birthday wishes her way. It was a great family day and Lukey made it easier for me to enjoy myself by taking care of Stella at his house for the day :)
coco and the birthday mumsie herself!

I'm off to work on my traffic school--trying to avoid those points on the license. More posts to come tonight and tomorrow on a couple of fun things.


P.S: Thank you Lou Lou for my postcard!! It was so sweet and made my day :)