Bachelor Recap

OK. We all knew it was coming.

But that didn't change that fact that when he picked Melissa and everyone was so happy, I was hopeful. I though maybe reality steve got it wrong.

Alas, he was not wrong.

Jason weaseled and cried his way through the after the rose, to dump and publicly humiliate Melissa. She called him a bastard (which was great) and exited gracefully to the limo. Enter Molly who goes on to Chris (who by the way, LOVES the drama--I'm convinced he's all about it) about how she wished Jason would call her and say he made the wrong choice (huh, that's funny--wait about 10 minutes, he's coming). Jason comes out and confesses to Molly how he can't stop thinking about her, wants to give it "a shot." Molly, to her credit, does look dumbstruck, I kept waiting for her to ask "am I being punked?"

If Jason decided he couldn't, for whatever reason, be with Melissa, he did not have to dump her on TV!! That's just mean and disrespectful--I think the producers caught wind of the fact things weren't going well and made him do it on the show. I also think when he rejected Molly and she kept telling him he made a mistake like a thousand times, it totally messed with his head.

Girls, I am anxiously awaiting your recaps. What did you think???


AEG said...

Could he have cried ANY more. GEEZE

That poor Melissa.

The most exciting news from reality steve though....JILLIAN is the next Bach!

The Laney Family said...

ahhhhhh- poor Melissa- he should NOT have done that on LIVE TV that was just cruel and inhumane. i really like jason- but he seems a little wishy-washy to me at this point- I can't believe the way everything turned out- ugh- and if I were Molly- I would've told him that if he took the chance of loosing me forever then he doesn't actually care- love does not second guess itself...

heather knitz said...

I've got two words for you...

*hot mess*

there is no other way to describe it...I don't know if I'm more upset about him dumping the one on tv (yeah, like that could NOT have been done off camera) or if I'm more upset about the other one jumping right in....I mean????? what the????

capperson said...

I've never seen a guy cry so much in my

He made me so mad when he did that to Melissa on tv, I mean come on he obviously knew he wasnt going to do it before the show so why couldnt he have done it before the show instead of making her get embarrassed like that..what a jerk.

And then Molly was stupid to accept him back seeing as how she wasnt his first choice to begin with and obviously prob wont be his last when someone else comes along that he might fall for also. lol

Also what was up with all the PDA? The hand on his leg and all that kissing. He had just broken up with Melissa for crying out loud, that was soo wrong!!!

One Bite At A Time said...

I was a shocked as both of them and the world!!!

But... I am so pumped about Jillian being the next bacheloratte!!!!!