Did anyone see the previews for the final bachelor episode? What could possibly be so dramatic and traumatic that the after the rose special is held practically in seclusion?? He can't pick Deanna. He just can't. She missed her chance and now he needs to be with Melissa. I will be so angry if he picks Deanna. And I love how she shows up in NEW ZEALAND!




heather knitz said...

I saw that...it's just a ratings ploy...she shows up, they build it up as if he is going to pick her and then it's over before it restarted:)I'm a little torn because of how they edit things but I think he is going to pick the blond.

AEG said...

I LOL'ed when Jason was like what are you doing here...in New Zealand?!?

I'm sure whatever it is will be 1,000 times less dramatic than how they are making it sound, after all it is ALWAYS the most drmatic ____ ever. EVERY damn episode.

Her Scarlet Letters said...

You need to read realitysteve.com.

There is serious drama that ABC isn't talking about, and all my girlfriends are obsessed with this. He is not going to pick her. There is major drama - and read the blog above to get the skinny. I love your products!!