Post 99!

Hello readers--momentous things are afoot. This is my 99th post and I know have 50 followers! Thanks to all of you read and follow, when I started blogging I never imagined "meeting" so many of you fabulous bloggers :)

For the 100th post, I am doing a decal tray giveaway so stay tuned for details on that!

Waking up to 50 followers was a welcome delight after yesterday's series of debacles that included a wasted 3 hours at work fighting with said decal machine (don't worry, we are getting it up and running so we shouldn't have any trouble with the giveaway). Consequently, I did not get to work on any of the orders that seem to keep piling up. Then, I leave work to take Stella to the vet and get a speeding ticket on the way there--I maintain I was not speeding but Stella's vet is in another town, where I am not as aware of the speed limits, so I chalk it up to being an out of towner.

I ordered Photoshop Elements yesterday! I'm excited to get my feet wet and hopefully I can acquire enough skills to spruce up the blog ;)

I hope you all have a happy Thursday, I know mine will be better than Wednesday!



Ashley Brooke Designs said...

I am so excited to teach you photoshop!!!

Milltini said...

I am computer illiterate...let me know how learning photoshop goes!

KAG said...

left you something on my blog. xo KAG