Hello friends...I've missed you. I took what seemed like a very long blog hiatus this weekend. I came home from the bf's house Friday to find my sissy in my bed--surprise (that sounds creepy but it wasn't-lol)! Coco's here. She came to surprise Dad for his birthday which is actually tomorrow.

Saturday was niceServe. It's our church's quarterly service day, where volunteers help out all around our city at a variety of venues. It's one of my favorite things about my church family. Everyone believes fervently in living out what we spend so many Sunday's just talking about and from picking fruit for food pantries to tutoring kids, every act of love and generosity is significant. Me, Have your Cake and Eat it Too, and A Cure for Writer's Block all went to Orlando Day Nursery, which provides daycare to low income families, to help organize their storage facility and donations. It was fun and as we are so organizationally inclined, it was right up our alley. I'm pretty sure our group leader, would agree we were the best organizers ; ) Check out our work.
KRD and Ally Rae would be in charge of the craft shelves :)

Our volunteer team!

Me and Ashely Brooke of Ashley Brooke Designs



Ky said...

love the shelf :) can you send me the other pictures?