Deals and Steals!

Thanks for the comments on my vinyl decal making abilities :) If anyone is interested in ordering anything you can contact The Primrose Shop, 407.447.4621. Sadly, we are low-tech and have no website but we're happy to email photos and work with you on what you might need. As we make new things, I'll try to post more pics :)

Secondly, RUN DON'T WALK to Calista Cove's private sale featuring Kate Somerville

Preppy 101 is featuring a discount on Ashley Brooke Designs Valentines

Nina has lots of great giveaways over at the new site

Make Mine a Mojito is giving away yummy Valentine treats

Blue Eyed Bride is giving away Hanky Panky panties

Here's hoping we all win something :)


Lulu said...

Thanks for posting all of this wonderful information. I am trying not to let my ADHD get the best of me so that I can get to each link you posted!