And the golden globe goes to:

I love the Golden Globes. Since I was a child I've been a sucker for televised beauty pageants and award shows. But the GGs are the best! Its TV and the movies...definitely the most bang for your buck.

Eva Mendes had one of the best head to toe looks last night in my opinon. Although there were many of our favorite celebs looking downright fabulous. Enjoy some of my favorite looks.

In other news...I scored a second interview with the company from last week!! It's Wednesday so say a little prayer for MM around 10:30.



Lulu said...

Heidi & Eva Mendes were my favorites too. Good luck with the interview!!

Ashley Brooke Designs said...

1st of all... I am so proud!
2nd of all .... thank you for letting me invite myself to the GG party! :)