So goes the election...

After a couple of days, I have had time to collect my thoughts, although I'm still feeling about a million emotions. Like AEG, I will provide you with a list.

1. I am open minded enough to look beyond my disappointment and realize what this election means to America. 14 million more voters voted in this presidential election than in 2004 and a man who 45 years ago could not have walked through the front door at McDonald's is the leader of the free world. It's remarkable. It shows the world you can in fact be whatever you want to be in America.

2. I am closed minded enough to be nervous about our future. 51% of our country just elected a man who has never governed anything. Not a city, a county or a state. He has now run 3 federal campaigns and won only 2. I will be graduating from college in less than six weeks with virtually no job prospects because no one is hiring due to the state of our economy. So I'm wondering how we are going to create jobs when our President Elect wants to tax big businesses and raise capital gains taxes? I wished our fellow countrymen had asked themselves this question: Would you want to be a surgeon's first patient?

3. I'm open minded enough to be hopeful. That's what this guy's all about right? Hope. Here's hoping he's committed to surrounding himself with experienced advisers and reaching across the aisle. Here's hoping he can help rebuild our country and appeal to our allies and enemies overseas. Here's hoping his obvious enthusiasm for America can go beyond enthusiasm and provide results. Here's hoping the Republican party can use this defeat to find sound leadership that will lead them into the future.

Here's to hope.

P.S. Working at the Supervisor of Elections office on election night was so fabulous! I will definitely be working or volunteering in all the future elections I can :)


Milltini said...

chin Americans our only option is unification and hopefulness.

AEG said...

YAY election lists, and this is a GREAT one Miss M :)

The grandparents with much sadness told me about the spanking that Feeney and Keller took, and let's face it, Martinez is going to be a hard re-elect in 2 years. We have GOT to get organized and unified.

Where is Newt when you need him to kick our Republican asses into shape!?!

PS AEG for President in 2020 ;) father is already planning the campaign!