Service with a Smile

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Mine was exhausting but fun for sure. Friday I hung out with the bf for a little bit before babysitting Friday night ( I know, I am a party animal). Saturday was the big day, starting with Niceserve9 at Summit. This a service day my church does every quarter where we go and serve a over 30 locations in Orlando. This was my first time and it was really fun. My friends and I went to a rather depressed area of town and painted the interior and exterior of what wil become the community's chapel. It was hard work but it was fun and humbling to know we were making a difference. After all the hard work in the a.m., I headed over to Primrose for the afternoon shift. Needless to say, after a work-filled Saturday I retired early. Here are some pictures of the friends workin' hard. (P.S. for all my hard work this weekend, I treated myself to an adorable pair of booties today--I will post a picture later)

If anyone is looking to host any fall parties check out bff ABD's blog for her latest fall stationery designs. SUPER cute invites for halloween parties, pumpkin carving parties and Thanksgiving get togethers--check her out, she never disappoints :)