Monogramming the non-monogrammable

Check out these new decals I got from Decal Monograms on etsy. I love personalizing such otherwise impersonal items :)In case anyone is confused by the different letters, I am one of those special people with a more formal given name that I never use unless it's for monogramming purposes and a nickname I've used every day of my life. Tricky.

EHK (or BK)


amanda said...

So Cute!!
Head to my blog! There's a surprise for you!

Belle- Pink Cupcake said...

They look amazing! I actually really like the yellow!

AEG said...


So funny you worte this, just last night I was at a sorority alumni event and a girl was showing me the monogram decal she just bought on etsy for her phone!

It was oh so precious. Need one. Can no longer live my life properly without.

A Belle and her Beau said...

I want a momgram on my laptop! Such a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! I love monograms in unexpected places and the laptop is too freaking cute!!