Happy Halloween Readers!

So I'm not typically a Halloween person but this year I'm having lots fun dressing up and spending time with fun friends :) Last night the bf and I went to a party as Ward and June Cleaver (my idea clearly).

Tonight is round two at the home of "have your cake and eat it too"--toinght's ensemble will remain a secret for now but I'll post pictures later. What is everyone dressing up as ??

Have fun and stay safe!

boo to you!


Belle- Pink Cupcake said...

you guys look so cute!

Lulu said...

OMG you two look FANTASTIC in these pics! I'm totally loving the idea, will have to copy one of these Halloweens ;) Can't wait to see more Halloween photos from this year!

Thank you for the kind words and thoughts :)

Monogramchick said...

I love both costumes, but agree, June and Ward are awesome! I am going to store this away and use it one Halloween, if you don't mind.