Honest to Blog?

OK, so between moving little sis, starting my last semester and preparing for my new internship I have neglected to comment on all of the political hulabalu that has been happening the past couple of weeks. So here are my thoughts on the DNC, McCain's VP pick and the RNC:

The DNC: Lots of hype going into the convention especially after Obama's sound VP choice Joe Biden. As a registered Republican I don't mind telling you I tuned in every night. I enjoyed watching all the speeches even if I didn't agree with all the content. The convention was exciting, full of energy and hopeful anticipation.

McCain's VP Pick: I admit, at first I cringed slightly. The announcement of Sarah Palin as John McCain's running mate led to voices in my head whispering "who is she?" and "he just lost the election." But then after hearing her pseudo acceptance speech in Ohio my inner spice girl let out a shout of girl power! Though dems may argue her lack of experience is comparable to the GOP's biggest problem with their own candidate, she has governed a city, a state and been commander of the Alaskan Nat'l Guard. Now that the choice has been made all of those questions steeped in double standard-ness are surfacing. "Can she be an effective VP and a mother, especially in leiu of her daughter Bristol's preganacy?" The problem with that question is it would never be asked of a man running for VP. "Can he govern and be a present, responsible father? " Please. With everyone talking about Hil's 18 million cracks in the highest of glass ceilings isn't it ironic that other women are chastising Palin and essentially telling her to go home and take care of her family? Even the most smothering of mothers can't be by her 17 year old daughter's side all the time and that doesn't make her a bad mother or a poor potential VP.

The RNC: Unlike the Democratic National Convention, there is little anticipation and excitement, except for that surrounding the media's sensationalizing of Bristol Palin's pregnancy. That and Gustav have grossly overshadowed the convention. Hopefully Palin's speech tonight will energize the convention and the party and put the emphasis back where it should be.

I'm off to tune in- internship day 1 was fabulous!
Thanks for reading!