Monday Means Back to Work!

It was back to work at The Primrose Shop for me today! Lots to do today, checking up on orders and contacting vendors. I called A. Tierney today inquiring about a new product announcement they faxed over and I am super excited about some of the new products they will be debuting at the upcoming Atlanta Apparel Mart and the New York Gift Show: think Gossip Girl type bows, new preppy pendants and an exciting new bangle that has been in the works for quite some time. I'm hoping there are pictures soon!!

I thought I'd share my favorite items we currently have in the shop so take a look at the top 3! (I wanted to include A. Tierney's political preppy pendants supporting Obama and McCain respectively but the pictures didn't turn out-sad.)

1. Bag Tags!! In single letters and various sororities these are so fun and colorful! You can use them to identify your bag in a crowd- put them on your golf bag, suitcase, or gym bag. They also make a great bookmark! As for me I'm thinking of hanging one from my rear view mirror-too cute!
2. Reusable Grocery Bags! I'm all for going green if I can look cute doing it and what a fabulous alternative to paper or plastic! SUPER affordable and made to hold up to 40 lbs!! That's a lot of groceries :)
3. Bella Buckets! These buckets are so great- I'm dying to fill one of these with goodies and give it as a gift!

Contact The Primrose Shop if you are interested in any of the above :)

I'm off to watching more AMAZING coverage of the Olympics- I'm still spent from cheering on the relay team last night ;) GO USA!!


melissa said...

I just had to stop by and say hello (found you through Heather - lulu's blog). I live in Winter park and of course know of and shop at the Primrose :)

(my blog is private, but feel free to visit)...
username: mcc
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