Labor Day List

TGIF!! Labor Day weekend is upon us and though I am disappointed I did not receive a ticket to the UCF game this weekend, I have decided to put on my positivity pants and post a list of the 5 things I am excited about this Labor Day weekend :)

1. My little sissy comes home today! That's right, after her first 10 days on her own at college she has graciously decided to come visit us and I am soooo excited to play with her this weekend.

2. Football games. As previously stated I lost in the UCF ticket lottery this week. However, I am a fan of college football in its entirety so my excitement for this kick-off (punny!) weekend has not waned. I look forward to watching from home even if my most beloved Florida State Seminoles are off this week.

3. Time. Three days off with no work and no school! Isn't that what holidays are all about??

4. Chloe and Preston. They are my adorable neighbor babies and I get to babysit them this weekend. They are a TON of fun and I get to make a little extra cash ;)

5. With the exception of my sister's visit I may have saved the best for last....GOSSIP GIRL STARTS MONDAY!! Simply stated, I. Can't. Wait.

Happy Labor Day Lovelys!