Couture Grocery Bags and Monogrammed Towels...

So I thought I'd show you some monogramming I did today at work- super cute towels for one of our customers who is off to her freshman year in college! The monograms are nicely centered I assure you even if the photographs aren't ;)

Also pictured are some couture (afterall couture does mean handmade) grocery bags that I made for bff ABD a while ago. I printed photographs of old timey supermarkets and fresh markets on transfer fabric and ironed them on to canvas bags and trimmed the photo with green and white ribbon. The precious cargo in the second photo is her dog Lucy :)

I'm still madly in love with the Olympics and am looking forward to the Women's Gymnastics Individual All-Around. It doesn't start until 11:15- I hope I can stay up for it!

Going to help my friend Deanna decorate her classroom tomorrow- what could be more fun than getting a room ready for 25 kindergarteners??