07 February 2011

Headboard DIY

This weekend LAS and I tackled a project that has been in the works for awhile: Our monogrammed headboard!!  LAS had previously cut the wood to our preferred shape and sanded all the edges and I picked out the fabric and had it monogrammed.

Saturday we put it all together and I have to say it was even easier than I thought.  First, rather than purchase cut foam from JoAnn's, I got a tip that an egg crate (typically used to add padding to your mattress) works just as well.

Supplies: headboard, spray adhesive, batting, foam (or egg crate), scissors, upholstery tacks, hammer

Step 1: Spray some spray adhesive on the wood and lay your foam down.
Step 2: Cover the foam with your batting
Step 3: Flip your headboard over and pull, wrap, and tack down the foam and batting with upholstery tacks on all sides ( Side note: we used upholstery tacks because the wood we used was too strong for staples, but if you use a standard plywood,  I think you can use a staple gun).
Step 4: Sent your fabric and pull, wrap, and tack down on all four sides.

**Note: you'll probably want to trim the excess foam, batting, and fabric as you go.



  1. Love the headboard!!! Great job :)

  2. That turned out gorgeous! Wow, that makes me think I could possibly do that some day!

  3. the headboard looks FANTASTIC!

  4. I have been planning on making a headboard as well, but I never thought of getting it monogrammed! What a fantastic idea! It truly looks amazing xoxo

  5. Love it! I found you through Just Lovely and adore the monogrammed headboard. Too cute! Excited to see what's to come! Great blog!

  6. Thanks for all your sweet comments! Glad you like it as much as I do!

  7. Hey Betsy,

    I love your blog, its divine. I am looking to make a headboard, adn I adore the monogram!!! How large is yalls monogram on the headboard and who did it for you?

    Thanks so Much!
    Betsy from Mississippi

  8. Hi Betsy,
    I just wanted to let you know that I featured your headboard in a blog post of my favorite DIY headboard roundups at this link:
    Thanks for inspiring me! Sharon

  9. Looks great! & simple. How did you attach it to the wall? any suggestions? (I don't want to damage the wall)

  10. We attached the headboard to our bed frame and to the watch with heavy picture hanging wire! Hope that helps.